Nov 28, 2013

❤Skin: Al Vulo! - [ Eleonor ] - [ Natural sunkissed ]

❤Hair: *booN - KOM372 hair blueblack/ash/platinum

❤Eye: .random.Matter. - Descent Eyes - Royal ((Boxed)) "New"

❤Lips: .random.Matter. - Royalty - Lipstick ((Boxed)) "New"

❤Collar: Fet!sh - BDSM Ring-Sation - Collar - Black Rubber

❤Claw: La Malvada Mujer - Claws Black

❤Dress: LUST - MyRipped Mini Black (wear) (unpacked) "New"

❤Shoes: [Diktator] - PUNK "New"

Nov 25, 2013

❤Skin: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Pure Candor} skin@Christmas Market "Soon"

❤Hair: [ Love Soul ] - Hair*088*Black

❤Eyes: .ID. - November Gift GroupGift

❤Ears: Lovely_Alien - SimpleElfEars_FourPack

❤Bunny Ears: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Crystalize~ Sea} bunny ears@Christmas Market "Soon"

❤EyeShadow: {D.A} - 3Dimensional Eyeshadows

❤Blush: .tsg. - High Maintenance Blush - Princess

❤Eyebrow: .tsg. - Angel Brow *Tintable*

❤Collar: (r)M - ~Posture Collar ~ No.02 (Mesh)

❤Nails: Izzie's - Classic Nails

❤Staff: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - Jack Frost Staff}back+part -orig. mesh@Christmas Market "Soon"

❤Dress: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Winter Kiss} lolita dress@Christmas Market "Soon"

❤Shrug: [EY:NO] - My Cute Shrug (black)

❤Socks: .tsg. - Princess Socks *FATPACK* "New"

❤Shoes: .tsg. - Lolita Platforms - Black

Nov 22, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: . Liquence . - F3 in Genetics

❤Eyes: "tSg" - Awake - Light Brown

❤Lips: .tsg. - Lovely Sheer Chapstick - Bare T (Light) *Tintable*

❤Collar: !Blah. - (My Nekomata Collar) Special White

❤Tops: Blah. - (My Sweet Crop Top) Sweets/Pink RARE@Hello Titty Slots "New"

❤Stocking: !Blah. - (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Hearts@The Azz Show "New"

❤Shoes: .tsg. - Dolly Heels *FATPACK* "New"

Nov 21, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: [F] - Greyscale. IGGY Braid

❤Eyes: {D.A} - Shattered - Caverne

❤Earrings: Munique - Amen Earrings / Gold@fi*Friday "New"

❤Necklace: ILLMATIC - Double Figaro Necklace - [F]

❤Nails: Mad' - La Griffe - Deluxe [HUD]

❤Bracelet: .Renagade. - Maxi Stud Bracelet / Onyx@fi*Friday "New"

❤Clutch: !.R.! - Cleaver Clutch Black@Limitee "New"

❤Sweater: ::TSC:: - Diable Sweater - Hail Mary "New"

❤Jeans: .:villena:. - skinny jeans Black

❤Shoes: FLite. - Aviators Raven(N/A)

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 41 / NOIR

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Dark Skies V.I.P Group Gift June 2013 *wear me*

❤Lips: .tsg. - Lovely Sheer Chapstick - Bare T (Light) *Tintable*

❤Necklace: .Pekka. - Rosario de madera - creme RARE@The Fantasy Collective "New"

❤Outfit: *Epic Bombastic* - Dark Canary Set {Black} [Vendor]@Sucide Dollz "New"

❤Stockings: !Blah. - (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Clean

❤Shoes: Lucien.Marcelo - BLACK RAMONES BOOTS 2's

Nov 20, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: *ARGRACE* - Snowflake ~ (Platinum)

❤Horns: *Milk* - Fiend Horns@Sucide Dollz "New"

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Lips: .tsg. - Lip Tinte' - Ice Queen

❤Ears: +pe+ - Sirens Ears Half Hearted

❤Collar: tapi - moo collar@Sucide Dollz "New"

❤Pasties: !dM - deviousMind "StarfishPasties" **DEEP OCEAN** (BOX) (Gacha)

❤Shorts: :BGTT: - Highwaist Dolly Shorts Mermaid@Sucide Dollz "New"

❤Socks: .tsg. - Princess Socks *FATPACK*@kustom9 "New"

Nov 18, 2013

❤Skin: .tsg. - Bunny D Tone "New"

❤Hair: [LeLutka] - MATERIAL hair/Dark Blonde

❤Eyes: "tSg" - Lucky Board: Rainbow Eyes

❤Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sprite Ears: Copy

❤Glasses: *N* - AQUARIUM GLASSES#2-5@TheThriftShop "New"

❤Outfit: *Epic Bombastic* - Kawaii Gym Bunny Set {Hot Pink} [Vendor]@LubblyJubblies "New"

❤Socks: C h a r y . - Black Spiked Bow socks@The Azz Show

❤Shoes: FLite. - Aviators Raven

Nov 15, 2013

New New New!!!

❤Skin: .tsg. - Bunny Skin "New"

❤Hair: (Chemistry) - Hair - Harlie - HUD.1 "New"

❤Pasties: .tsg. - Rose Maiden Pasties - Black@The Boobies Show "New"

Nov 14, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Audrey Skin ~Beige~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: (Chemistry) - Hair - Harlie - HUD.1 "New"

❤Eyes: "tSg" - Lucky Board: Rainbow Eyes

❤Horns: .aisling. - Truffles RARE (rez) (Gacha)

❤Necklace: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - [HH]HP Lovecraft Necklace}original mesh "New"

❤Tail: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Tinkerbell~ stuffed tail}original mesh "New"

❤Gloves: *HolliPocket* - Fishup Net Gloves-Torn-Lavendar (Gacha)

❤Tops: :BGTT: - Mini Mega Sass T's - Hey!@The Boobies Show "New"

❤Pants: *Epic Bombastic* - Button-Fly Digi Jeans {Light Blue} [Vendor] "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Imogen Skin ~Peaches~ Peaches & Cream@TCF "New"

❤Hair: Magika - [01] Sudden "New"

❤Eyes: "tSg" - WetLook - Silver

❤Necklae: .HoD. - The Crosary - Female

❤Necklace: .Pekka. - Pyr cross necklace ver 2 - Black

❤Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Longest Nails

❤Outfit: alterego - knockout - black

❤Tattoo: alterego - flower power@The Thrift Shop "New"

❤Shoes: [BLOW] - LeatherSpazzio-Liquorice

Nov 12, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: [taketomi] - Marie_DippuDye (wear)

❤Eyes: Candy Mountain - . Orb Eyes - Pack Group Gift .

❤Collar: [NeurolaB Inc.] - Cyber Collar CR-1 (RLV) V 2.0 (BOXED)

❤Gloves: [-p] - DemonBaby Gloves [Black]

❤Tail: Jerboa tail BOX 1.1

❤Tops: dD - My Cute Kitty Hoodie - V1@The Thrift Shop "New"

❤Shorts: *MUKA* - Boyshorts Black

❤Socks: C h a r y . - White Thigh High Sporties (black)@The Azz Show "New"

❤Boots: !ASI - Sentinel Digi Boots

Nov 8, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: [RA] - LocknRoll Hair - Essential Colors@Rockabilly Fashion Fair "New"

❤Eyes: .ID. - Real Eyes / Blue

❤Glasses: !Blah. - (My Billys Glasses) Purple@Rockabilly Fashion Fair "New"

❤Collar: Blah. - ( My Elegant Bow Collar ) Purple@Perfect Wardrobe "New"

❤Bosysuit: !Blah. - (My Playful Bodysuit) Purple@The Boobies Show "New"

❤Stockings: !Blah. - (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) F.You@The Azz Show "New"

❤Shoes: !Blah. - ( My Satin Bow Pumps ) Purple@Rockabilly Fashion Fair "New"

❤Skin: .tsg. - Bunny in Vampy

❤Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Yumi hair-Blond set

❤Eyes: Candy Mountain - . eye wrath eyes . - [900 members gift] GroupGift

❤Choker: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - Black Choker Pack

❤Dress: .::DMD::. - "Lotus" Elegant Corset Dress (BLACK)

❤Socks: .tsg. - Frilly Lace Socks - Sheer Black@PerfectWardrobe "New"

❤Shoes: .tsg. - Lolita Platforms

Nov 6, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Imogen Skin ~Porcelaine~ Gold dust[box] RARE@TCF "New"

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~ Eva *Fades* "New"

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Bow: [ni.Ju] - Hairbow . monotones

❤Choker: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - Black Choker Pack

❤Necklace: .Pekka. - Brass nuckle necklace black@The Mens Dept "New"

❤Armwamer: *Epic* - Rigged Mesh Arm Warmers {Basic} [Vendor]

❤Bag: *REIGN.- PHANNIE- BLACK@The Azz Show "New"

❤Gloves: *HolliPocket* - Fishup Net Gloves-Fatty

❤Shorts: LUST - ClockworkLady "New"

❤Socks: C h a r y . - Black Spiked Bow socks - teal@The Azz Show "New"

❤Hooves: *Epic* - Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers! {Cyan} [-Vendor-]@The Azz Show "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Imogen Skin ~Peaches~ Peaches & Cream@TCH "New"

❤Hair: (Chemistry) - Hair - Buttons 2 - HUD.3

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Necklace: .Pekka. - Brass nuckle necklace pink@The Mens Dept "New"

❤Tops: *Epic Boobies* - Cozy Off-Shoulder Top {Melty-Black} [Vendor]@The Boobies Show "New"

❤Guitar: *Epic* - Kawaii Melty Acoustic Guitar! {Bubblegum} [Vendor]@The Rockabilly Fashion Fair "New"

❤Shorts: *MUKA* - Boyshorts Black

❤Stockings: *League* - Side-Gartered Stockings -Black

❤Shoes: *Epic* - Candy Cowgirl Boots! {Black} [Vendor]@PerfectWardrobe "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Imogen Skin ~Porcelaine~ Gold dust[box] RARE@TCF "New"

❤Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Kawashima I - Equinox

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Dark Skies V.I.P Group Gift June 2013 *wear me*

❤Dress: dD - My Snuggy Dress - Early Espresso@Atooly Fall Event "New"

❤Shoes: ISON - lace-up gladiator sandals (black)

Nov 5, 2013

❤Skin: .tsg. - Hope D Tone

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~Sharlette*Blondes*@The Boobies Show "New"

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Monokini: .tsg. - Monokini - Blue@The Azz Show "New"

❤BodyOil: .tsg. - Tintable Body Oil *Medium*@The Azz Show "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Devon Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Frost)

❤Hair: Alice Project - Ivy - Infinity

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Dark Skies V.I.P Group Gift June 2013 *wear me*

❤Eyeshadow: .Pekka. - Charm eyeshadows

❤Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sprite Ears: Copy

❤Lips: .tsg. - Lovely Sheer Chapstick - Bare T (Light) *Tintable*

❤Septum: .Pekka. - Crunchy gem nose Piercings

❤Cuffs & Collar: Bowtique - Spiked Collar/Bracelet Set (Silver)

❤Bodysuit: !Blah. - (My Playful Bodysuit) Red@The Boobies Show "New"

❤Pumps: !Blah. - ( My Satin Bow Pumps ) Red@Rockabilly Fashion Fair "New"

Nov 3, 2013

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Izzy skin ~Pure~ Wizarding Faire

❤Hair: *Calico* - Freya - Fades

❤Hat: illmatic - The BOY Hat - Black w/ Leopard

❤Glasses: S O R G O - OldTimers Black

❤Necklace: ILLMATIC :: Double Figaro Necklace - [F]

❤Watch: ILLMATIC :: Medusa Kors Watch - Gold v2 (Gacha)

❤Tops: dD - Flash Top - BLACK GFW

❤Shorts: alterego - daisy dukes - hearts@Perfect Wardrobe "Coming Soon" Nov4

❤Jacket: ::BB:: - Studded Biker Jacket (BLACK)

❤Tights: *Sheer* - Tights 02: Torn Nylon Black

❤Socks: erratic - striped socks / black

❤Shoes: Flite. - Navigator High Rider White "New"

Nov 2, 2013

❤Skin: .tsg. - Hope D Tone

❤Hair: [e] - Studio - Essentials Collection

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Ears: OTCR - Neko Ears v3

❤Collar: Blah. - Body Modification Expo (My Nekomata Collar) Fatpack

❤Pasties: .tsg. - Rose Maiden Pasties - Black@TBS "New"

❤Socks: .tsg. - Prissy Ruffle Socks - Solid Black@Kustom9 "New"

❤Skin: *Glance Skins - Anais - September - SKIN PACK

❤Hair: Vanity Hair - Say My Name-GlamPack(Box)

❤Eyes: IKON - Vanity Eyes - Coffee

❤Bra: !.R.! - Vortex Bra Black@SFW "New"

❤Shrug: [EY:NO] - My Cute Shrug (black)

❤Skirt: !.R.! - Ruffled Leather Skirt Black@SFW "New"

❤Shoes: [BLOW] - LeatherSpazzio-Liquorice "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: ""D!va"" - Hair "Lili" (Moon stone)

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Neko Luvers Eyes *wear*

❤Ears: *Epic* - Mesh Elfin Ears {Plain} [Vendor]

❤Collar: [NeurolaB Inc.] - Cyber Collar CR-1 (RLV) V 2.0 (BOXED)

❤Lips: .tsg. - Lovely Sheer Chapstick - Bare T (Light) *Tintable*

❤Elbow Pads: Chary - Group Gift (elbow pads) (unpacked)

❤Dress: *Epic Bombastic* - Zipper Bootie Dress {Camo - Cyan} [Vendor] GFW

❤Knee: *Epic* - Kawaii Gladiator Combat Set {Cyan} [Vendor]

❤Tail: .::C.C.Kre-ations::. - {Sgombro66~Shadow pack}Original mesh Tail "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: :esk-imo: - Hair _ PLT__ Insanity

❤Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Phantom Eyes - Poseidon "New"

❤Hands: [ni.Ju] - Tintable White Claws



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