Feb 27, 2014

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Maisie Skin VIP gift (GroupGift)

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~ Tokyo@The Whore Couture Fair 3 "Soon"

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Spilled Milk - Silver

❤Earrings: (Yummy) - Flamingo Earring

❤Necklace: [tea.s] - My Heart - Silver@Seraphim Social "New"

❤Dress: * VinCue - Sirocco+Dress - Mint "New"

❤Stockings: Blah. - ( My Toeless Sheer Stockings ) Nude

❤Shoes: ::LC:: - Spice Platform Sneaker w/ HUD FATPACK

❤Mesh Head: UTILIZATOR - M3 Mesh Anime Head

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~ Fossil "New"

❤Collar: ::Static:: - Neko Bell Collar

❤Eyepatch: .::C.C. Kre-ations:.. - {Lumen~ tenebra} original mesh eyepatch "New"

❤Horns: [VN] - Gacha Horns - Digital Dream RARE@The Arcade "Soon"

❤Gloves: -UtopiaH- - My Wrinkled Fingerless Gloves & SLink Appliers "New"

❤Dress: SNAP - Dolly Dress@The Whore Couture Fair 3 "Soon"

❤Tights: *Epic* - Storybook Thigh-Highs! {Baby Pink} [Vendor]

❤Legs: *Epic* - Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers! {Baby Pink} [-Vendor-]

❤Tail: DERP. - Manicula Tail MOD [Box]

Feb 24, 2014

*NEW* {FreshFace Doll} Evie

Skin : FreshFace - {FF Doll} Evie "New"
Hair : *Milk* - Hair High End Hippy
Eyes : .tsg. - Dark Skies V.I.P Group Gift June 2013 *wear me*
Lips : .tsg. - Lovely Sheer Chapstick - Bare NT (Medium) *Tintable*
Earrings : [7891.]
Necklace : [tea.s] - My Heart - Silver@Seraphim Social "New"
Nails : Mad'
Dress : * VinCue - Mohi+Dress - Candy

Feb 18, 2014

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: !lamb. - Whoop Dee Doo - Grayscale Pack

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Dark Skies V.I.P Group Gift June 2013 *wear me*

❤Crown: Enfant Terrible. - Crown Silver Furr RARE -BBOX@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Collar: [Buzz] - Cutey Collar - Kitty Catty RARE@Kustom9 "New"

❤Dress: * VinCue ~ Hearty+Tuti - Raven "New"

❤Socks: C h a r y . - Black Spiked Bow socks - teal

❤Shoes: FLite. - Voyagers Studded Edition Cole (N/A)

Feb 17, 2014

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Imogen Skin ~Porcelaine~ Gold dust[box] RARE

❤Hair: UNORTHODOX - long braids blonde

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Realize Silver

❤Collar: [tea.s] - Rock & Roll Collar - Full Set@The Theme Park "New"

❤Necklace: ILLMATIC - Double Figaro Necklace - [F]

❤Cuffs: .random.Matter. - Bastille "New"

❤Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand - Longest Nails

❤Dress: !. R .! - Sleek White@The Limitee "New"

❤Bootie: ::LC:: - Street bootie Black [Silver]-Slink Med@Kustom9 "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)


❤Eys: [Buzz] - Hime Eyes

❤Eyebrow: .Atomic. - Brow add-on {Muse} Creme - Pastel

❤Cuffs: .random.Matter. - Bastille "New"

❤Outfit: *Epic Bombastic* - Sexy Cop Ruffled Set {Blue} [Vendor]@Bodify "New"

❤Pumps: ::LC:: - Working Girl Pump Navy -Slink Med@Kustom9 "New"

Feb 16, 2014

❤Skin: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} Cupid - Honey "New"

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~ Star Child@Kustom9 "New"

❤Eyes: Chus! - Paper Lenses "New"

❤Ears: [][]Trap[][] - [GAUZE] Short Ripped Ears Ice (Boxed)@FFF "New"

❤Collar: .tsg. - Lovely Floral Collar - Virgin

❤Chobo: [geek.] - Sleepy lil' Chobo@FFF "New"

❤Gloves: .BULBS. - Fishnet Gloves [WHITE] "New"

❤Bodysuit: alterego - roxy bodysuit - red "wear"@THE BOG SHOW "New"

❤Fades: Chary - Fades. (fixed)

❤Pumps: Blah. - (My Charming Pumps)Forever Love/White(SLink High Feet) "New"

Feb 15, 2014

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Audrey Skin ~Beige~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: little bones. - Flower Door - Serene "New"

❤Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Sorrow Eyes - Groupgift!

❤Eyebrow: .Atomic. - Brow add-on {Muse} Honey - Pastel 1

❤Collar: .tsg. - Chained Hearts Collar - Black "New"

❤Gloves: .BULBS. - Fishnet Gloves [BLACK] "New"

❤Cuffs: .random.Matter. - Bastille "New"

❤Bodysuit: .BULBS. - ShowmeLove Bodysuit [BLACK] "New"

❤Heels: .tsg. - Bubbles Heels v2 - Black - SLINK High@Black out Party "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: little bones. - True Affection - Rose Garden "New"

❤Eyes: [Buzz] - Hime Eyes - Chocolate

❤Collar: .tsg. - Chained Hearts Collar - White "New"

❤Halo: ::Static:: - Pixel Halo

❤Dress: * VinCue - Hearty+Tuti - Snow "New"

❤Socks: C h a r y . - Knee Highs (White)

❤Shoes: .tsg. - Cupid Creepers *FATPACK* "New"

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Savannah Skin ~Porcelaine~

❤Hair: [taketomi] - Marie_DippuDye (wear) (N/A)

❤Eyes: {Dead Apples} - Phantom Eyes - Blind Rage

❤Eyeliner: MONS - Makeups - Eyeshadow Hippie

❤EyePiercings: Puncture -  Eye Piercing (Studs) - All Colors

❤Chain: *May's Soul* - Nose Chain simple black "New"

❤Hood: Blah. - (My Taiga Neko Hood) Red "New"

❤Tongue: [-p-] - Candy-Tongue [WURP]

❤Arms: [Neurolab Inc.] - EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.5 (BOXED)

❤Hands: kzk - husky_shblack

❤Set up: *Epic* - Queenie of Hearts Ruffled Set {Black.Red}@With Love Fair "New"

❤Tights: C h a r y . - Black Gradient Tights (Coral)@THE BIG SHOW "New"

❤Tail: Jerboa tail BOX 1.1

❤Legs: *Epic* - Gadge N' Gears Digi Legs {Black.Paw} [Vendor]@FFF "New"

Feb 14, 2014

❤Skin: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} Mocha

❤Hair: little bones. - True Affection - Barbie "New"

❤Eyes: .la petite morte. - intensity eyes-poppy

❤Crown: .Pekka. - Crown of thorns - Black

❤BoneHead: .r.M. - BoneHead [black] [rare] (Gacha)

❤Eyeliner: [Buzz] - Royale Liner Fatpack

❤Necklace: .random.Matter. - Creepy Crawler Necklace - Butterfly - Black (Gacha)

❤Cuff:.random.Matter. - Bastille Cuff - Black "New"

❤Septum: .random.Matter. - Rasputina Septum - Black "New"

❤Romper: ::LC:: - Cute Lil Satin Romper [black] "New"

❤Creepers: .tsg. - Cupid Creepers *FATPACK* "New"

Feb 11, 2014

❤Skin: .Birdy. - Delilah Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Wear me!!!)

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~This Natural Santana@The BIG SHOW "New"

❤Eyes: .ID. - Real Eyes / Blue-Green

❤Collar: .tsg. - Lovely Floral Collar - Loyalty "New"

❤Crown: *Epic* - Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown! {Zebra-Yellow} RS

❤Glasses: SNAP - Jelly Bean Impact Glasses / Orange@the Thrift Shop "New"

❤Septum: .random.Matter. - Rasputina Septum - Silver "New"

❤Gloves: -UtopiaH- - My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves [Plain]

❤Gloves: SNAP - Rave Gloves / Neon Yellow@the Thrift Shop "New"

❤Chain: alterego - valentines candy [belly chain] - f_ck me@the Thrift Shop "New"

❤Dress: alterego - dolce dress TH "WEAR"@the Thrift Shop "New"

❤Holster: alterego - vibepack holster [L][W][Add] - BBOranBlk@the Thrift Shop "New"

❤Tights: C h a r y . - Geo Tights (Style 4)@The BIG SHOW "New"

❤Pumps: Blah. - (My Charming Pumps ) Aqua (SLink High Feet)

❤Skin: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} Supernova - Creme@88 "New"

❤Hair: *Milk* - Hair~ Queen of the court@We Love RP "New"

❤Eyes: .tsg. - Realize Silver

❤Head Chain: .random.Matter. - Keelhauled - Head Chain - Black "New"

❤Eye liner: [Buzz] - Gel Liner@Kustom9 "New"

❤Lip: [Buzz] - Satin Lips@Kustom9 "New"

❤Chapeau: .la petite morte. - LPM + LET The Jasmyne Chapeau - 2@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Eye patch: .la petite morte. - eye patch-rare 4@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Gloves: -UtopiaH- - My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves [Plain]

❤Cuff: .random.Matter. - Bastille Cuff - Silver [L] "New"

❤Septum: .random.Matter. - Rasputina Septum - Black "New"

❤Piercings: .r.M. - Buried Memories - Fatpack - Boxed

❤Stole: ::LC:: - Eternity Minx Stole [Noir]@Kustom9 "New"

❤Dress: [Gang/Cold] - Shiva Dress@Final Fantasy Festival "New"

❤Stockings: Blah. - ( My Toeless Sheer Stockings ) Black [UPDATED] "New"

❤Heels: ieQED - hand.spike.titanium "New"

Feb 5, 2014

❤Skin: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} Creme - Everything

❤Hair: *booN - DPY537 hair blueblack/ash/platinum

❤Eyes: .random.Matter. - Descent Eyes - Ghost ((Boxed))

❤Hair Pin: ~*S.E.*~ - Elegance Hair Pin {Wood}@FFF "Soon"

❤Bracers: .aisling. - GAIA - Bracers Dark@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Hand: .aisling. - GAIA - Hand Dark@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Gloves: -UtopiaH- - My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves [Plain]

❤Dress: !. R .! - T Dress White@SFW "New"

❤Socks: C h a r y . - Knee Highs (Black)

❤Heels: .tsg. - Jellybean Wedgies - *FATPACK*@Kustom9 "New"

❤Skin: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} Creme - Everything "New"

❤Hair: little bones. - Black Mirror "New"

❤Eyes: [Buzz] - Hime Eyes

❤Eyebrow: .Atomic. - Brow add-on {Muse} Creme - Pastel "New"

❤Lip: .Atomic. - Skin {Muse} LipSet 1 - 5 "New"

❤Horns: .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Mr Awesome~ horns} orig mesh (Jack or Jill hunt Prize)

❤Collar: .Pekka. - Ribbon Cross Collar@Fantasy Gacha "New"

❤Gloves: -UtopiaH- - My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves [Plain]

❤Nails: .random.Matter. - Hagworts Nails

❤Outfit: *Epic* - Mesh Cute-Tee {Baseball.Bikini.Black} (Jack or Jill hunt Prize)

❤Socks: -UtopiaH- - My Asymmetric Cotton Socks

Feb 4, 2014

Atomic New Skin {Muse}

Skin : Atomic :: Muse :: New
Hair : booN
Ear : The Skinnery
Bra : DeeTaleZ
Pantie : Blah



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